Senior Spot

8 in 8

Verve Entry

Decade Design

Handbook Cover

Bowl Logo


Childrens Book pages


The reason I do art is because I love learning different ways to express myself. I like working with photos I take more than just making random designs. I really want to do something with photography when I get older and possibly have that as either a main profession. If not, then definitely have it on the side.

When I take pictures, I really like natural settings.Therefore, I like taking pictures of nature or of people outside. The natural light makes pictures look a lot clearer, rather than the lights you would get inside. I also like working with focus. I like to focus my picture on one object and make the background look blurry. The kind of pictures I like taking the most are either calm, which is why I like warm colors. One way I get great ideas is getting on Pinterest and looking at all the pictures that people post. I could spend hours just looking at all the pictures that other photographers post of all types of things.

Out of all my artwork, I am obviously a better photographer and editing the photos i took than designer of a piece that i had to start from scratch. Although I’m not the greatest designer, I really like creating new things. I have learned so much about colors and focus this year. The first two pictures were both pictures I had to take for Speculator. The scenes are both outside and have good lighting, although I edited the second to black and white. The third design is my photo entry for Verve. It personally my favorite of all the others because the merging of the pictures fits perfectly. The fourth is my Decades design. I really wanted to focus the picture on what was actually happening in that time to get the mood to be concerning. The fifth is the Chattahoochee handbook cover that I created. I really liked the wrapping of the ribbon on the side. The sixth is the Bowl Logo and I chose Macintosh. I made the letters look like the keys on a keyboard. The last two pictures are the pages of the Children we had to create. The writing of the left had to go with the picture of the animals.