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Inspiration Job #17

My poster would be on the Depression and how migrant workers went across the US just to find jobs in the 1930s. It was an issue that effected thousands of people then and their families too. 

Picture ideas would be a railroad and a dirty man who looks very tired.

What I found in an article was: “The economic depression caused a drastic decrease in the cost of certain goods and services. Among which are agricultural crops. In an effort to maintain their livelihood, many farmers turned to producing more crops. This added production bled the earth of vital minerals and nourishment. A sea of green leaves and crops withered into an ocean of dirt and sand. Lack of production meant a lack in income; a lack in income meant no longer being able to pay loans and taxes. Thus, the land no longer belonged to the farmers. Despite everything, hope remained in the small fliers promising work in California.”


Job #6 Inspiration

I chose these cougars because the first one was cute and the second looked fierce and that’s what we can make our school seem like. We are determined students on a mission to succeed. The first poster design caught my eye because what they did to the words. I thought the second one was cool because it words are written across the picture. The third was appealing because a picture could go in the background and we could make it look really nice.