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Assignment 8

Part 1

Part 2

These two designs are logos for ‘Key Music Store’. My first design has two fonts and the ‘c’ is used as a music note. In the second, the name is written on a record. These both had a theme I was given, which was a music store.


Assignment 7 pt. 2

Tis assignment was to make a logo of a construction company. I used a hammer as if it was hammering down the word.

Assignment #2 Plagiarism

I did my poster on plagiarism. The reason i did what i did in this poster, was because many please copy and paste a lot of their work and don’t realize that they are plagiarizing in their work. It happens so often and it’s not right. My poster is very simple but gets to the point. I also saw myself using the z pattern while looking at it farther away.

Assignment #1 Idioms

This is an assignment where we had to pick and idiom and make a picture describing it. I chose “let the cat out the bag” and made a cat look like it is coming out of the bag.