1) copy/paste the given theme or type it

2) identify the name of the font

3) identify the type classification  

4) briefly explain why you chose that font.
a sympathy card

font: Callie Hand

type: script

reason: it is a mix of regular and cursive writing. it looks like it would be for writing something you’re sorry for

 a hot dog stand

font: Harabara

type: san serif

reason: it is bold and its a fun looking font

 a diner-style restaurant

font: Champagne & Limosines

type: san serif

reason: it looks like a fancy and sophisticated font

a logo for a financial institution

font: Neuton

type: serif

reason: it is a plain looking font that looks professional

a certificate for a prestigious award

font: English

type: calligraphy

reason: it is a cursive type and looks honorable and also sophisticated