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Assignment 8

Part 1

Part 2

These two designs are logos for ‘Key Music Store’. My first design has two fonts and the ‘c’ is used as a music note. In the second, the name is written on a record. These both had a theme I was given, which was a music store.


Assignment 7 pt. 2

Tis assignment was to make a logo of a construction company. I used a hammer as if it was hammering down the word.

Scelbi & Mark-8

The Altair

The IBM 5100

The TRS-80

The Commodore Pet

1. What is the significance of ARPnet?

It began the history of computers, that we have now, and helped out the US Defense Department.

2. When was the internet that we know, world wide web, developed and introduced?

The world wide web was developed and introduced between 1980-1991.

3. Two men are known for their development of the Apple I computer in a garage behind their parent’s home. Who are they? Are they still with Apple today?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are the makers of Apple. Jobs is not with Apple anymore, but Wozniak is sort of, but has a job that is his first priority rather than apple.

4. Over the years, Apple has included “easter eggs” within their software. What is an “easter egg”?

They are programs hidden inside other programs

5. Search for easter eggs within Photoshop and Illustrator. List a few in your post and find them in the software!

Illustrator: Show eyes, secret birthday cake

Photoshop: strange cargo, hidden faces, box burp

6. Where do you think computers will take us in the next 10 years?

I think that in the near future, computers will be a main source of education, economy, jobs, and ect. It has already increased a great amount recently, therefore it will continue to get more advanced gradually.

I would rate this movie a 5 star.

I really enjoyed watching this movie because it taught me a lot about the history of Apple and Microsoft in an interesting and entertaining way. It showed how both people, Gates and Jobs, pretty much started out with nothing, trying to find someone to look at their ideas. As time passed by, Jobs started Apple, which became a very popular company, but his popularity got to his head. Jobs was very  rude and said some hurtful things to many people in his company. On the other hand, Gates kept finding ways to show his ideas. At one point, he tried to join in with Apple. But after it all, he took ideas from Apple and became very wealthy with his inventions of Microsoft. Jobs got kicked out of the company but came back and helped out the company a lot, while Gates is the richest man with his invention.

Competition- Man vs. machine (Jeopardy’s two greatest champions versus IBM’s artificial intelligence computer system)

On February 11, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, two of the most celebrated players in the television program’s history, went against an IBM machine, Watson, in Jeopardy. This machine is able to understand natural language. It is able to take words and match them up to find answers to question, since there was  complications of finding complex word on the machine, but could only play if the game was fair. The machine ended up beating the two men in the game. I think it shows how far we’ve gone into technology and that we are expanding and getting more advanced as time goes on. It could possibly mean that human may need more technology to learn because, obviously, it’s “smarter” than man-kind.


David Hockney was born on July 9, 1937, in Bradford, England. When he was young, he got a scholarship to the Bradford Grammar School, which was one of the best schools. He studied art there and then got into College of Art. He began to paint a lot and did very well. After he graduated, he went to the Royal College for two years. He later in life started getting into photography and liked it a lot. In the eighties, he turned to photo collage using polaroid and made collages of pictures he would take as fast as possible.


1.  Post an example of a Daguerreotype image. Who invented the Daguerreoty process? Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

Louis Daguerre introduced this to the world. Some advantages are that it was not very expensive and was not complicated to work. Some disadvantages are that it is not the most modern or easiest thing we can use.


2. Post an example of a Calotype image. Who invented the Calotype process? Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

William Henry Fox Talbot invented  the Calotype process. The advantages of it is that the wax paper made it easier to handle. A disadvantage was that it required longer exposers. It also took long during he process.

3. Post an example of a Wet Collodion Process image. Who invented the Wet Collodion Process process? Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

 Frederick Scott Archer invented this process. Some advantages were that it gave rise to portable darkrooms and universal. Disadvantages were that only gave him 10 minutes to do it before it would dry so it was complicated and the colors would not turn out as you would want them exactly.

4. Post an example of a Dry Plate Process image . Who invented the Dry Plate Process process? Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the process.

Dr. Richard L. Maddox invented this process. SOme advantages were that  it can be stored until exposure, and after exposure it can be brought back to a darkroom for development at leisure and wasnt timed. Disadvantages included that it had many difficulties in the past.

5. Who is credited with taking the first photograph of a human? Post the photograph.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce is credited with taking the first photograph.

6. What is photo emulsion?

layer of light-sensitive material coated onto a substrate

7. Why did Eastman name his company Kodak?

from the first simple roll film cameras produced by Eastman Dry Plate Company, known as the “Kodak” in its product line

8. Briefly explain how Polaroid film (instant photography) works?

first instant film must be insterted. then look through the lens and press the button at the top. The picture would then come out in 20 seconds.