Shole’s typewriter

Merganthaler’s Linotype machine

operator using a Linotype

1.  Why was the typewriter an important part of our history?

I think it is a very important part of history because it helped so many people be able to write things faster and more easily than just writing it. It has made many lives and jobs easier. It also led us to more advanced technology that we have today.

2. What is typesetting?

setting for writen material into type

3. Why was the Linotype the greatest advance in printing since movable type?

It brought us closer to the most modern technology we have today, such as keyboards, and it also helped seperate the certain keys that would want to be seperated.

4. How does the Linotype keyboard differ from the keyboard we use today?

It has different keys for lowercase ad capital letters. The lower case, punctuations/digets, and capital letters all are different colors and are seperated on the keyboard.