1.  Briefly explain how the Gutenberg Press worked. Which printing process is this an example of? Post a photo of the Gutenberg Press.

It had wooden and later metal movable type printing. It was an example are  a hand press.


2. What is movable type? Post an photo of movable type within a type case.

A movable type is a system of printing and typography that uses movable components to reproduce the elements of a document.

3. Briefly describe the process of porous printing.

The image is transferred to the substrate by pushing ink through a porous mesh which carries the pictorial or typographic image.

4. Briefly describe the process of intaglio printing.

The area of the image to be printed is recessed into the surface of the
printing plate and the recessed areas are filled with ink.

5. Briefly describe the process of lithography.

It makes the various patterns used in depositing layers and doping regions on the substrate.

6. What is offset lithography?

printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket

7. How do printing presses that are utilized today compare to the Gutenberg Press? Post a photo example of an offset lithography press.

The printing process then required a lot more work, unlike now with all of the technology we have that helps us and makes it so much more easier.

8. What is CYMK? Describe four-color process printing.

CYMK is a color process meaning cyan, yellow, majenta, and black. It is for things you want to print out to look clear and the right colors.