This is a scroll.

This is a codex.

This is an illuminated manuscript.

1.  Codex is derived from Latin meaning “block of wood”. Why? What did the codex evolve from?

The codex evolved from wax-covered tablets of wood.

2.  What is the difference between “random access” and “sequential access”?

Sequential is put into some type of order and random is put into different orders that have no pattern. Sequential would be the scroll because you have to look through it like you do with the codex. The codex is a random access because you have to go through it on different pages to find what you’re looking for.

3.  What is the difference between the codex and the illuminated manuscript?

A codex is made with no pictures, only words, and has paper that is not very good in quality. An illustrated manuscript is made from animal skins and has pictures, decorations, and borders around the writing.

4.  What is craftsmanship? Why is it important?

Craftmanship is a practice of highly skill in a craft and is important because they help discover new things for us to observe and can help find out new things for other people to elaborate on.

5.  Why did the format of the codex/book gain so much popularity that we still use it today?

It is an easy way or putting many ideas on pages together in a small object, which is easier to take around and to look through.

6.  Name several examples of current technology that utilizes the format of the codex.

Bibles, dictionary, and textbooks are all examples of modern use of the codex.