This is the Phoenician writing.

This is Greek writing.

This is Roman writing.


1. Why was the Phoenician alphabet successful?

It was the first alphabet script to be widely used around. It helped communication for trading and getting around. It spread fast and was known by a large area.

2. What is a “social structure” of a civilization?

a pattern of relationships in society in the civilization

3. Why is the Roman alphabet the most widely used and what contributions did it make?

Also known as “latin alphabet”. It has been around since the B.C. times. It was brought all around the world as time went on. People would travel and bring the knowledge of latin language and spread to all around the world.

4. Compare and contrast the three alphabets.

Roman is much more known, spread out, and still used. Pheonetic alphabet is oldest. Greek was on Rosetta Stone, as well as Greek. They all are symbolic.

5. When and where did lowercase, or minuscule. letters develop?

It was developed in mid 9th century in Greece.