This is the early cuneiform.

This is an evolved cuneiform.

This is the Akkadian cuniform.



I don’t see a  big difference in the early and evolved Sumerians cuniforms except the fact one looks more worn off. But I do see a difference in the Akkadian cuneiform. The words are more tightly packed together and more writing with much more lines.

1. What is a nomadic civilization?

Moving around homes depending on seasons and weather in each place.

2. Why did Sumerians create a visual form of communication?

They made the first written language so they could communicate with each other  and to help keep track of these business transactions.

3. How did the Sumerians “write” records and documents? What medium was utilized?

They wet clay tables and used stencils to carve writing into it.

4. What is a pictogram? What is the difference between a pictograph/pictogram and an ideogram?

A pictograph is a pictorial or visual representation of an object and a ideogram is a graphic character that tells the meaning of a thing without sounding out the sound of it.