In these two articles I read, they both talked about how that writer felt about photo manipulation. There was a lot of controversy whether people should do it publicly or even personally. In the first article, there was a murder and the people writing about the story got some photo editors to edit the picture of the murder and was made darker with more shadows to match the situation. He was then accused of being racist  because of what it looked like after. Many people argued against that statement saying that it would fit in with what he did and that no racial criticism was being made.

In the other article, they talked about the school picture taking company and how they edit any blemishes or anything that is not the ideal image. Many parents would ask to get things in the picture removes or fixed, such as, pimples, moles, yellow teeth, braces, or anything within that kind of thing. A school teacher then argued and said how if you do that, then in the future, you will be looking back on something that you weren’t. He also mentioned that parents should not want those things because they should be happy with what their child looks like and see them as perfect in their eyes. The children even said they did not want any change in their pictures.

I think that both of these stories relate because they both have that argument on whether or not you should edit these pictures. In the first story, I think it was just a creative thought to put in these effects and was not racist at all. It fit in with what the situation was and was not a bad thing to do. In the second story, I think that the child in the photograph should be able to determine whether or not they want their picture to look like, even if its editing a little or all of their face. I also think it was good that the teacher did that and stood up for what he thought about it.